Frequently Asked Questions

Breed Info, Health, and Standards

What does this dog offer to owners that other dogs do not already possess?

Consistently calm, gentle companion temperaments. No excessive barking, whining, digging, fence pacing, or hyperness is bred.

Care, Nutrition, and Grooming

Training the American Alsatian


How are these dogs a new breed if they are not recognized by AKC or other kennel clubs?

These dogs breed similarly in temperament, health, and looks with over 18 generations from the first breeding. We do not seek recognition from an outside kennel club.

Why create a new large breed of dog that has no purpose other than to be a companion?

The fast-paced average American demands it as an alternative to a working dog breed.

Aren't there enough large breed dogs in the pound?

These dogs will not find themselves in the pound as they do not possess difficult character traits that lend themselves to pound puppies.

These dogs look similar to the Shiloh or King shepherds. Why not just buy one of them?

The Shiloh and King shepherds continue to have the working dog traits of the German Shepherd Dogs. The American Alsatian (TM) is different in temperament, although similar in looks.

Wouldn't a German Shepherd Dog do all we need as a companion dog?

There are different temperament types of German Shepherd Dog and a potential buyer could not be sure to acquire a calm, even-tempered, mellow German Shepherd Dog

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